The BLUTEC series Top Discharge Condensing Unit is the economical alternative choice for any home or office. The BLUTEC Condensers are designed to match with any indoor units such as floor ceilings, high walls, and cassettes. Enclosed in a heavy duty galvanized cabinet, the BLUTEC TDCU operates under either a scroll or rotary compressor, for long lasting productivity.

BLUTEC is built strong with special features for any type of weather conditions. The cabinet is painted with anti-corrosive powder paint, so the unit will not suffer during any type of cosmetic damage in extreme weather conditions. For the interior, a BLUTEC Condensing unit comes with a blue fin coil to protect itself from corrosion and interior damage.

Installation is quick with its easy access service valve for pipe connections. Repairs are convenient as well with a detachable grille. By unscrewing the top grille, repairs can be made to any parts within a matter of minutes.

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